Good to Grow!

G2G logoGood to Grow! is a leadership initiative launched by the children’s museum field and guided by the Association of Children’s Museums to support children’s museums in providing healthy choices and activities for children and families in their communities.

Obesity is quickly becoming America’s leading health crisis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 20 years among children ages six to eleven, as well as related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, growth disorders and depression. Recent studies indicate that obese children rate their quality of life as low as children with cancer. Experts believe that family education is the single most important factor in promoting healthy choices, yet parents are bombarded with confusing messages and competing priorities.

Clearly, help is needed to guide families along the path to health and well-being. The Good to Grow! leadership initiative is based on two main premises: 

  • The family is the most important factor in promoting children’s health; and 
  • Families turn to children’s museums for engaging activities, quality interactions and trustworthy information about child development and health. 

Initiative Goals

  • Activate children and families as they visit our museums and participate in our programs.
  • Convene and sustain the conversation about the health of our young children and their families wherever there is a children’s museum.
  • Improve the environment for our children by increasing the healthy options available wherever there is a children’s museum, starting with the museum itself.
  • Strengthen the children’s museum field through leadership on this issue and the development of new ways of working together.

Key Messages

Good to Grow! highlights the following key messages within its multiple implementation strategies.

  • Eating healthy foods in the right amounts;
  • Increasing physical activity;
  • Reducing screen time (including computer and TV); and
  • Connecting with nature through outdoor play.

Key Resources

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