Reimagining Children's Museums

Current Progress

ACM has a new investigative "What if Children's Museums..." blog!

As the final tangible piece of the project, an online outlet was created to ponder big topics like, "What if attending a children's museum was as regular as going to a fast food restaurant?" or "What if your institution had unlimited funding?" Since 2012, ACM has worked with you to reimagine the future of children's museums. Through competitions, seminars, conferences and infinite discussions, we collected vital and provocative questions that will lead us to innovate in ways we cannot predict. We ask you to continue the dialogue on our blog by answering these questions, sharing the posts amongst museum and educator friends, and telling us your unique ideas. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Don't forget to check out the Reimagining Children's Museums toolkit linked below!

Reimagining Children’s Museums continues in the field, with the use of this toolkit, and by children’s museums participating through ACM’s Community Conversations.

Learn more about the Toolkit, History and Background of the Reimagining Children's Musems project on our blog.

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