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Museum Membership

Museum Membership Application

ACM membership for museums—from start-ups and open children’s museums around the world, to art, history, and science museums—offers a spectrum of resources, best practices and professional development opportunities for museums that serve children and families. Members receive special Web access to data collected through periodic surveys and polls, topical and timely guides to programming and operations, advocacy alerts, and case statements. Only ACM members receive discounts, which can be extend to all museum staff, volunteers, and board members. See the list of Museum Member Benefits for details.




  Annual Dues

Open U.S. and Canadian Children's Museum
(dues are on a sliding scale based on annual operating income)
Level 1  Under $250K     $450
Level 2  Under $500K     $800
Level 3  Under $1 million     $1,050
Level 4  Under $3 million     $1,400
Level 5  Under $5 million     $1,600
Level 6  $5 million or more     $1,950
Sponsor Children’s Museum $2,500
International Children’s Museum $650
Emerging Children’s Museum
(museum is not yet open to the public)



Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Director, Field Services, at 703.224.3100.