InterActivity 2018 Call for Session Proposals

Session Inspiration and Kick-Start Ideas

Need inspiration? Take a look at these topic ideas from the InterActivity 2017 evaluations:

Creating and Delivering Extraordinary Experiences

  • Idea generation techniques that engage and deliver
  • Programs and exhibits that drive partnerships and credibility
  • The wonder of early childhood learning in exhibits and programs
  • Building on learning theories and research for impactful play
  • Ways to engage parents and adults
  • Tried and true, fresh and new ways to develop and create exhibits
  • Creating Wow! on a small budget
  • Renovation projects: successes and lessons learned
  • Designing for temporary, small, and multipurpose spaces

Engaging and Retaining a Talented Staff

  • Recruiting and hiring a diverse staff that looks like the community
  • Keeping staff connected with each other, overcoming internal divides
  • Engaging and retaining talented staff when there are limited job openings at the museum
  • Training programs that deliver on excellent guest service, playful learning, inclusion, and professionalism
  • Management techniques that support creative, passionate teams in their success and growth
  • Techniques for leading effective meetings, from budget planning to exhibit development
  • Volunteer management
  • Organizational structure: what works and why
  • Professional development programs that inspire staff and don't break the bank

Growing Leaders from Within

  • Working together as a multi-generational team
  • Career paths: learning from those who have gone before
  • Successful ways on supporting growth and leadership at all levels

Communicating Value and Impact

  • Effective ways to document, measure, and communicate the learning that is happening in the museum
  • Communicating mission and relevance to donors and stakeholders, in a landscape of critical issues
  • Engaging visitors in storytelling with social media
  • Marketing campaigns that catch the eye
  • Out-of-the-box evaluation methods

Play for All

  • Exhibit design for cultural and physical inclusion
  • Access programs that engage
  • Collecting data to tell the story

Social Justice

  • Case studies: how is your museum addressing/participating in social justice work in your community?
  • How to integrate accessibility and social justice work
  • What's in your social justice toolkit? 

Operations and Facilities Management

  • How to create and budget for a preventive maintenance plan
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cafe and museum stores: outsource or operate in-house?
  • How to handle everyday issues: injury, visitor altercations, theft, etc...
  • Guidelines for exhibit safety
  • How to develop an emergency and disaster plan

Don't See the Topic You Are Considering?

That's okay! We welcome proposals on other topics that advance the field's practices, spark professional growth, or inspire fresh thinking. Post your ideas to the InterActivity Groupsite for discussion.