SmallTalks 2017

Wednesday, May 3 • 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

SmallTalks are back in a big way! Join us for a lively morning full of inspiration and fun, featuring the best of Southern California! With Disney's 10 Commandments of Guest Service, women leaders in space exploration, an interactive drum performance, and more, these presentations will leave you inspired to bring the fun ome with you!

A Preview of SmallTalks Presenters and Performers:

Janina Garraway has toured the world as a professional dancer with performers from Mariah Carey to Faith Hill and Kanye West. Returning to her Southern California roots, Janina is founder and Executive Director of the Garraway Performing Arts Center, which is dedicated to providing local youth dance instruction, mentoring services, and academic/tutoring assistance. Hear about the work her organization is doing and be inspired by an amazing dance performance.

Adlai Wertman is the David C. Bohnett Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. Founding Director of the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab, Professor Wertman works with non-profits and students on social innovation and solving critical issues of our times through business.

Orrin Shively, Senior Director of Art & Design for Disney Interactive, and proud Kidspace Children's Museum Board Member, has spent much of his career on the creative side of the Walt Disney Company. He will be sharing "Mickey's 10 Commandments," the guest service guidelines that have set a standard of excellence for guest service throughout the Walt Disney Company.

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides has a passion for human space exploration and the infinite possibilities of our human potential. Trained as an Astrobiologist at Caltech and Stanford University, Ms. Whitesides was the co-founder of Yuri's Night, an annual celebration of space exploration and is a founder astronaut for Virgin Galactic.

John Kobara has spent over 35 years leading and managing innovative nonprofit organizations, companies and technology startups, and has been actively involved in advancing social justice by increasing access to educational opportunities in Los Angeles. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for the California Community Foundation.

Rhythm Child is on a mission to inspire children and motivate all those who are guiding their development. Come be inspired by the experience of music making through intuitive drumming and creative movement!